La Nordica-Extraflame, Edilkamin and MCZ partners of Progetto Fuoco Innovation Village 2022

30 July 2021

Progetto Fuoco 2022, as in the 2020 edition, accelerates towards the future with the Innovation Village, a set of initiatives to research…

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Incentives on biomass heating: the situation in France

6 April 2021

Incentives on biomass heating: the situation in France

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L’Émotion GAZ

2 April 2021

L'Emotion GAZ

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Balancing sustainability, research and creativity: Ecodesign 2022

5 March 2021

The balance between sustainability and design: this is the main objective that the domestic heating sector is trying and will try to…

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Cogeneration: find out a little more

1 March 2021

Electrical and thermal energy with a single process

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Opportunities & Change

9 August 2020

In April, in the middle of a pandemic, Piemmeti S.p.A. contacted 280 companies in the biomass heating industry (61% distributors, 39% producers)…

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Development perspectives for the pellet industry

27 July 2020

Are these going to be hard times for pellet? According to the latest “Pellet Market Overview 2019 - Preliminary Report”, published in…

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5 April 2020

Andrea Farina, 26 years old from San Bonifacio (near the city of Verona), is the creator of this innovative product. Together with…

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